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    Liang jing corporate newsLiang jing corporate newsLiang jing corporate newsLiang jing corporate newsLiang jing corporate newsLiang jing corporate newsLiang jing corporate newsLiang jing corporate newsLiang jing...
  Liang jing corporate news 2014-12-19 
  Liang jing corporate news 2014-12-19 
  Liang jing corporate news 2014-12-19 
  Liang jing corporate news 2014-12-19 
  Liang jing corporate news 2014-12-19 
Current Situation and Prospect of China's valv
    source:80s of last century, China's valve manufacturing technology has been developed rapidly. In order to enhance our valve manufacturing from R & D capabilities, China began to organize the backbone ...
  Current Situation and Prospect of Ch 2014-12-25 
  China's valve industry actively to p 2014-12-25 
  The " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" into t 2014-12-25 
  Discussion on the valve industry rap 2014-12-25 
  Pump valve market five trends in the 2014-12-25 
The main technical performance of the valve
    The valve strength performanceThe valve strength refers to the valve 's ability to bear the pressure medium. Valve is under internal pressure of mechanical products, ...
  The main technical performance of th 2014-12-25 
  Two types of valves shall be prohibi 2014-12-25 
  The key points of selection on butte 2014-12-25 
  Features single-seat control valve 2014-12-25 
  Pneumatic ball valve features 2014-12-25 



The valve is widely applied in various industries, mainly oil, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power , water conservancy, construction, fire protection, machinery, coal, food and other (which, machinery and chemical industry users on the valve market is concerned, has higher request on the valve). In currently on the market, the valve industry, most users use the most general times varieties of valves fore...【more


Quality assurance measures
1、Body casting material, physical and chemical indicators meet the national GB standard.
2、Valve manufacturing, assembly, inspection and test strictly according to national GB and JB, ZB, HG, SH, YB, SD standards.
3、Product design and development, production, installation and service quality assurance system according to ISO9001 standards to control.
4世贸彩票平台首页、All product with instructions for use and product certificate of conformity.
5世贸彩票平台首页世贸彩票平台首页、[roduct cleanliness and determination method and delivery requirements according to JB/7748-95 and JB/T7928-99 standards.
6、For the user, provide technical consultation and various physical and chemical testing.

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Liangjing Group was founded in 1985. As a key enterprise of Chinese valve industry field, we are leading the way in Chinese valve industry. We are specialized in producing high-medium pressure valves of " LION " brand.Our main products are: Gate Valve Ball Valve Butterfly Valve...【more】

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